Condara Consultation and Inspection LLC
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   Condara Consultation and Inspection LLC  (CC& I LLC)

                              Executive Summary

  The concept for CC&I LLC is the understanding of the need and provision of heavily experienced personnel for time sensitive projects without the long term responsibility of full employment. The connection of both the experienced operative, with the services he can provide and the client that requires their services is what we do. Our company provides top quality individuals for duration service. Our goal as a company is to satisfy in the most economical, safe, and environmentally friendly way, completion of all project objectives. Fore site is always included.
  Condara Consultation and Inspection LLC (CC&I LLC) collectively is equipped with an impressive portfolio of well seasoned self employed contractors. All credentials, job history and current availability of our team is an open book. We are a proud group for all the right reasons.

                                                    Company Overview
  Condara Consultation and Inspection LLC (CC& I LLC) was established in 2007 as a diverse experienced professional staffing company. Our goal is to provide the most experienced viable individuals to accommodate our clients’ project needs for both short and long duration service. (domestically and/or worldwide) The CC& I LLC staff is composed of a select group of talented sub-contractors who have had project experience working in one way or another, with one another (mutual respect). All staff members have extensive domestic and foreign service which equates to a strong confidence level with the “Can Do Attitude”. This confidence level has been earned thru success in all phases of project fruition. Safety, the environment, multiple contractor issues, economic and schedule demands with the ability to design, plan, communicate and execute effectively is the name of our game. 

  To be more specific, CC& I LLC staff expertise collectively includes:
              - Mechanical, marine and electrical engineers for hire and technical support.                  
               -Geological / Well evaluation / and drilling technology experts for hire and technical support.
               -Rotating equipment which includes drilling equipment to cranes (rigging included) expertise for 
                  hire and technical support.
               -Certified Welding Inspectors (AWS-CWI’s)
               -Coating Inspectors
               -Experienced supervisors in all phases of pigging and Hydro-Testing (valves, vessels and
               -Offshore Platform fabrication, installation, salvage and abandonment experts for hire and
                  technical support.
               -Construction Site Coordination and Inspection Experts for hire and technical support. Providing
                  adherence to all Quality Assurance Programs to include: -Material Traceability (MTRS)
                                                                                                     -Material Verification
                                                                                                     -Welder Qualification
                                                                                                     -Weld Traceability
                                                                                                     -Non destructive testing adhereance
                                                                                                     -Primary Steel Certification
                                                                                                     -Procurement, expediting and receipt 
                                                                                                       of material procedure.
                 -Shore-based or Onboard sub-sea design, construction and repair supervision experts for hire
                    and technical support. 
                 -Expertise in ROVs, mooring, PLETs, PLEMs, SSVAs, P/L lay, crossings and tie in, net guards,
                     jetting and site clearance, etc. are always included. 
                 -Topside production system analysis experts for hire and technical support.
                 -Onsite Construction Multiple Crew Supervisors for hire and technical support.
                 -Onsite Oil/Gas Drilling Supervision experts for hire and technical support.
                 -Hydraulic system fabrication, trouble shooting and repair specialists.
                 -FEMA qualified Inspectors.
                 -MMS compliance auditors.
                 -Comprehensive vendor and contractor contact list available. 

  In conclusion, CC& I LLC is proud of our diverse expertise with much of our staff considered seasoned experts in several disciplines. Typically our staff, upon acceptance of a project assignment, will work thru to the projects’ completion without days off or vacation interruption. We do encourage this practice as it assists in project continuity which results in timely completion. CC& I LLC has confidence in the judgment of our staff in this regard. CC& I LLC is however very flexible with adjusting to our clients’ requests. Of course or in the event of unforeseen circumstance, CC& I LLC will always be prepared to schedule relief or replacement with equally experienced personnel as required.                                

                                                                   Additional Information

  Due to the size and diverse makeup of CC& I LLC, a flexibility in regards of report submittal, MSAs, contractual agreements, insurance requisites and invoicing are orientated to comply with the clients' requirements as much as possible. Detailed staff rate sheets, credentials and availability schedules will be supplied upon request. We look forward to conferencing with all interested parties with the confidence that we can be of assistance.
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